Ines & Litza is a jewelry line founded in 2020 by Ines Gerard Cuesta.
portrait Ines

Ines & Litza is a jewelry line founded in 2020 by Ines Gerard Cuesta.

With a background in Contemporary Arts, Ines is driven by the thought of jewellery being more than just a beautiful object. Each of her rings, pendants, or earrings holds a meaning, a story of its own.

Ines’ heritage as a French and Colombian artist inspires her to create timeless jewellery pieces in bronze, silver, and gold. Her aesthetic, influenced by ancient jewellery making from the Hellenistic and Roman periods, as well as pre-Columbian goldsmithing, mixes rough textures with simple lines.

Ines&Litza's jewellery is handcrafted entirely in her studio –from forging, through casting and forming, to stone setting.

Who is Litza?

Litza est un prénom trouvé lors de recherches sur l’identité d’une ancêtre d’Ines, la créatrice.

The grandmother of her grandfather was a native Colombian woman, who's name was lost in time. Litza is a borrowed name to represent her and all the souls that inspire Ines' designs: mothers, sisters, friends, muses.

Litza is a symbol of inspiration, the strength and gentleness needed to be a metalsmith. It's a symbol of transmission between generations, a woman's aura that guides and shine on Ines&Litza's creations.


The preservation of the environnement is a value that we care about

We enforce it as much as possible in all the different areas of our work