Tiamat Ring

The Tiamat ring is inspired by a Mesopotamian primordial goddess. According to the myth, her body was divided into the Sky and Earth. Some representations depict her as a serpent goddess.
This legend guided my hand to create this abstract representation of the planet Earth, divine and precious. The ring encircles the finger and embraces the gemstone, like a treasure to protect.


      For each order of the Tiamat ring, a tree will be planted in the Amazonian rainforest, under your name, via the Colombian organisation Saving The Amazon. This organisation plants native trees with the help of local indigenous communities in order to fight against deforestation and the climate crisis in Colombia and Brazil.

Each tree is geolocated, it allows you to know where it has been planted and you receive notifications of its evolution. The donation allows these communities to access a better quality of life and preserve the biodiversity of their lands.
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The Tiamat ring is available in 925 silver or 24 ct vermeil (silver coated with a thick layer of pure gold).
Each ring is entirely handcrafted in our studio and made to order to your size. We need 5 to 6 weeks to make and be ready to ship it to you.

Metal : 925 silver / 24k vermeil
Gemstone Green Tourmaline, Red Garnet
Weight : +/- 6g

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925 silver , 24k vermeil


Green Tourmaline, Red Garnet